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Bed Designs, blue prints and mapping

These photos are from past landscape designs we have done.

When trying to design or figure out what plants to put in the beds, you must understand different things about the project. You must know what type of look you are going for; you must know about different plants of when they grow or what they need to grow. You know the heights or widths of the plants that are going in to make sure they have proper spacing. You need to make sure the irrigation has the proper coverage and the plants need certain light, shade, heat or water. You want to make sure you install different seasonal plants in different spots to pop up through out the year in different areas, so it is not blank all over. You must think about the maintenance on the plants and pruning. Plants start off small and people just throw a bunch in areas, but do not think about down the road to see how big they will be or what it could look like. When designing beds, you must know your zones and what the plant zones are and what your local nurseries get in for their stock or has ways to order the plants. You also want to make sure there is different color mixed in. There are plants that bring certain animals in such as Butterfly shrub which as you can tell invites Butterflies. Hiring a company like ours does cost money for designs, but you will have a longer lasting plants and an improved look. It is well worth spending money for a company like our selves to put a plant design together. If a company is not charging you for a design, then they may not have the knowledge or understanding of what you are looking for or need to bring that plan together. Or they may have that stuff, but they will install that design into pricing somewhere else that you may not see. Under one thousand square feet plan will cost about seven hundred fifty dollars. Anything over that will cost up to twenty thousand. It varies on different needs or technical things. There is a sixty five dollar fee to meet and do a consultation. The design pricing will vary on the job, size, and what all do you want our involvement of such as just the design or design and building. We hope to help bringing your old yard to a new functional look and use. We do repair or install irrigation and other jobs to help with the projects.

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We have done different bed designs, blue prints, or mapping for jobs.
Flower bed design one of four designs
Flower bed design one of four designs
Flower bed design one of four designs
Flower bed design one of four designs
Flower bed design
Front bed designs
Flower bed design for back yard
Designed bed for daycare
Back yard oasis designed
Flower bed designs
Designed bed after removing tree
Blue print for drainage
Flower bed design
Designed to remove hills and flatten the beds to one level
Blue print for irrigation repair
Irrigation layout for gardens
Designed a layout to remove and install new plants
Designed different layouts for a yard for a new pool that was installed
Estimate to remove grass and install new beds and rock
Designed a layout to remove old shrubs and install new ones and sod