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I have started landscaping when I was in middle school for neighbors while doing other odds jobs. I am currently 30 years of age, so I am still young and still have a lot to learn. I have always had an interest in working outside. I always try taking before and after pictures for the customers use, the website use and my use for records. I like offering people to see the difference by being able to look on our website. I work a full time job as a Loss Prevention officer, and volunteer for Horry County Fire Rescue.

I work full time landscaping around my full time job. Usually I landscape with my crews on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and try taking Sundays off. I do stay closed on Sundays now, unless I see a need or reason to work a Sunday. I am on the job sites 97 percent of the time when we do work. I am a hands on type person when it comes to get jobs accomplished.

I am a type of a person who believes in: do not choose a company just because they are the cheapest. Choose one because of what they offer or what the reviews say and how you feel talking with the companies. I would rather someone pick a company because it may fit their needs more than others and not because of the price. Most times paying for the cheaper person to do the job, you end up paying more to fix the job or to finish it. Just because they are a large company that you are wanting them to do the work doesn't mean they are the best, but actually could be where they do not have time to keep an eye on things that should be brought up to the owners attention.

We choose to keep our company a smaller one due to all these large companies that lose quality in their work. We also like to keep it to where we are our able finish our jobs in a sufficient amount of time. We do not rush to get it done, but do try to get it done as quickly as possible without compromising quality.


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